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What is a slot milling machine?

  • August 08, 2022

The slot milling machine is mainly used for the subsequent secondary processing of the automatic lathe. It can be modified to realize the flat slot milling and other processes, and can also be equipped with drilling, tapping, chamfering and other processes, also known as compound machine, special machine tool. It can also be used for milling grooves of various metal materials, plastic materials and other non-standard metal materials.

The machine adopts PLC programming, with reasonable structure and superior performance. It is an ideal processing machine for the hardware processing industry. The slot milling machine can be equipped with an automatic feeding system, which cooperates with automatic loading and unloading to automatically carry out metal metal.
It is suitable for milling and flattening of both ends of various shaft parts, such as D-shaped surface, parallel surface, slot, parallel slot, flat slot, cross slot, etc.;
Equipment construction
The base of the milling machine is made of high-quality castings, and the spindle track is precisely ground after high-frequency heat treatment, with strong wear resistance and stable precision. It is a special model suitable for processing automatic lathes that need to be sectioned and grooved after turning. The processed parts can be square or round, and can be customized according to the needs of customers.
The whole machine adopts the traditional dovetail guide rail structure, which is artificially aged to relieve stress and hardened by high frequency quenching on the surface of the dovetail guide rail (eliminating stress and deformation of the material and making it dense and wear-resistant).
Electronic control system components, motors, bearings, lubricating system and hydraulic system accessories are imported from Japan or Taiwan to ensure stable control operation of the whole machine and meet the needs of long-term high-frequency work.
It is controlled by Mitsubishi microcomputer (PLC), driven by hydraulic station, and the whole operation is automatic or semi-automatic.
The machining accuracy can reach ±0.02MM, and the consistency and interchangeability of the machined parts are good.
The production capacity of a single machine is 3500~6000 pieces/day (depending on the material, processing volume, process, and surface finish).
During manual feeding, each person can operate more than 2 machine tools, and the automatic feeding system can be increased to 5~10 sets.
Reasonable design, convenient adjustment, and certain versatility. A variety of products can be processed only by replacing some of the corresponding accessories, which is beneficial to improve machine utilization and reduce production costs.

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