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What is the horizontal milling machine?

  • July 11, 2022

Horizontal milling machine is a kind of machine tool. Its main shaft is parallel to the table, in a horizontal position, and the speed is 12. It can be used for various cylindrical milling cutters, disc milling cutters, angle milling cutters, forming milling cutters and end milling cutters. Flats, slopes, grooves, etc. It can be divided into universal horizontal milling machine, horizontal lifting table milling machine, universal rotary head milling machine, etc.structure

①Bed bed: used to fix and support the various components of the milling machine. There are horizontal guide rails for the movement of the beam on the top surface. There are dovetail-shaped vertical guide rails on the front wall for the lifting platform to move up and down. The main motor, the main shaft speed change mechanism, the main shaft, the electrical equipment and the lubricating oil pump are installed inside;
②Beam: A hanger is installed at one end to support the tool bar to reduce the bending and vibration of the tool bar. The beam can move along the horizontal guide rail of the bed, and its extension length is adjusted by the length of the tool bar;
③ Spindle: It is used to install the cutter bar and drive the milling cutter to rotate. The main shaft is a hollow shaft with a 7:24 precision taper hole at the front end, and its function is to install the taper shank of the milling cutter shank;
④Longitudinal worktable: The longitudinal worktable is driven by the longitudinal screw to move longitudinally on the guide rail of the turntable, so as to drive the workpiece on the table for longitudinal feeding. T-slots on the table are used to install fixtures or workpieces;
⑤ Horizontal table: The horizontal table is located on the horizontal guide rail above the lifting table, which can drive the vertical table for horizontal feeding together;
⑥ Turntable: The turntable can turn the longitudinal worktable at a certain angle in the horizontal plane (both forward and reverse are 0~45o), so as to mill the spiral groove and so on. A horizontal milling machine with a turntable is called a horizontal universal milling machine;
⑦ Lifting table: The lifting table can drive the entire worktable to move up and down along the vertical guide rail of the bed to adjust the distance and vertical feed between the workpiece and the milling cutter;
⑧ Base: The base is used to support the bed and the lifting table, and it contains cutting fluid;
Features of folding horizontal milling machine
①The spindle sleeve can be manually micro-feed, and is equipped with a limit device, and the milling head can be rotated and adjusted 45° clockwise and counterclockwise;
② The worktable can be manually fed vertically and horizontally, and can be lifted vertically, and at the same time, it can realize motorized fast-forward, motorized feed, and vertical motorized lifting in both vertical and horizontal directions;
③Using 1200mm lengthened slide block and 1500mm lengthened worktable, the longitudinal travel of the worktable can reach 1000mm, the stroke is long and the stability is stronger;
④The main drive and feed adopt gear transmission mechanism, and the speed regulation range is wide;
⑤The main shaft bearing adopts tapered roller bearing, which has strong bearing capacity, and adopts energy consumption braking, which has large braking torque, quick stop and reliable braking;
⑥ The use of rectangular guide rails has good stability;
⑦The worktable and guide rail are quenched by super audio frequency, and the strength is greater.
Features of Folding Horizontal Lifting Table Milling Machine
①The main shaft has good rigidity and strong bearing capacity;
② Motorized feed in three directions of X, Y, and Z of the worktable;
③ Ultrasonic quenching and precision grinding of X, Y, Z three-direction guide rail pairs;
④The manual lubricating device can forcefully lubricate the lead screw and guide rail;
⑥Special accessories can be configured: vertical milling head to realize vertical milling function.

The quality of the horizontal milling machine is stable. If the appropriate milling machine accessories are used, it can process parts with special shapes such as gears, cams, arc grooves and helical surfaces. It is equipped with milling machine accessories such as universal milling head, circular table and indexing head. Holes can also be processed for medium and small parts. By adding an end milling head, the end milling cutter can be used for cutting processing (the end milling head is a special accessory), which can further expand the use range of the machine tool. This machine tool is suitable for various machining industries.

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