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Tape cutting machine operating procedures

  • June 13, 2022
Tape cutting machine operating procedures
Reel installation:
1. All power switches must be turned off. Always unplug the power cord when the machine is not in use.
2. Select the appropriate tape tray. Generally, the inner diameter of the tape reel is -25, 32, 78 mm, and the outer diameter is up to 130 mm
3. The tape is installed on the tape reel. Be sure to check the direction of the reel and press the tape into the designated position to avoid misplacement.
4. Pull out the tape about 100mm long, and then put the tape reel into the bracket. If there is a gap between the tape reel and the tape, we can wrap some tape around the tape reel and make the two fit.
Tape installation:
1. First turn off the power switch, and then open the safety cover, use the manual rocker to move the frame arm.
2. Adjust the blade until the blade is about to reach the rotating disc.
3. We disengage the frame arm from the rotating disc.
4. Pass the tape between the blades and stick it on the rotating disc. Be sure to keep it in the middle position and stick it firmly on the rotating disc.
1. Turn on the power switch; then press the start switch on the rotating disc.
2. Generally, before cutting the tape, it is necessary to check the accuracy of the length of the tape required for cutting by cutting two or three pieces of testing.
3. If we want the tape slices to stick to the disc, we can press the start switch again.
4. If the thermostat stops the machine due to overheating of the motor. At that time, use it after letting the motor cool down by all means.
5. Whenever the tape cutting machine opens the safety cover, the machine will stop automatically.
6. If you want to change the spacing of the tapes, you can adjust the cutting spacing knob on the right-hand side, which generally narrows clockwise and widens counterclockwise.
7. If you want to change the cutting length of the tape, you can adjust the length adjustment knob below, which is generally shortened clockwise and lengthened counterclockwise.
Daily maintenance:
1. If the glue of the tape starts to stick to the blade after the machine is used for a period of time, then the blade will become difficult to cut the tape.
2. In order to wipe off the glue, we can use a cloth soaked in gasoline or alcohol to wipe the blade.
3. If the tape cannot stick to the rotating disc, please take some tape and stick it on the disc and press it until the dirt is removed.
Precautions ;
1. When the equipment fails, the power supply should be cut off immediately, and the repair should be reported immediately.
2. When we move the machine, please do not grab the rotating disc, so as not to damage the machine and cannot be used.

3. The machine can only be used to cut tapes. Do not cut sticks, pipes and other hard objects, so as not to damage the blade.

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