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What is the reeling machines?

  • September 19, 2022

A machine for reeling mulberry silk or tussah silk. According to the degree of mechanization and automation of silk reeling, there are sitting reeling machine, vertical reeling machine and automatic silk reeling machine. The automatic silk reeling machine is divided according to the perception method, there are fixed fiber automatic silk reeling machine and fixed grain automatic silk reeling machine. According to whether there is silk reeling soup, there are water reeling machines and dry silk reeling machines. Recently, vertical reeling machines and fixed-fiber automatic silk reeling machines are widely used.

Vertical reeling machine
Also known as multiple reeling machines. Named because of the standing operation of the workers. It is mainly composed of automatic threading mechanism, silk reeling table, rotary thread connector, thread collector, silk sheath device, interlacing device, thread coiling device, small paper raw silk drying device, stopping device and transmission device. Each silkworm cocoon standing reeling machine has 20 threads, and each tussah cocoon standing reeling machine has 18 threads, usually each person takes care of one machine. The temperature of the silk reeling soup is about 40°C, and the winding speed is about 50m min. The production efficiency is low, and it has been gradually replaced by automatic silk reeling machines. However, the raw silk reeled by the vertical reeling machine has a good feel and soft silk quality, and is often used to reel a small amount of high-grade raw silk.

Fixed fiber automatic reeling machine
At present, the silk reeling machine is widely used at home and abroad. The main components are: distance sensor, exploration mechanism, thread adding system, cocoon feeding mechanism, silk reeling trough, thread catcher, thread collector, silk sheath device, interlacing device, small sign coiling device, small plan raw silk Drying device, stopping device and transmission device, automatic Sorris mechanism, catcher for automatically catching cocoons and lining of pupa, and cocoon separation device for automatically separating cocoons and lining of pupa, etc. The linear density (fineness) of the raw silk is indirectly sensed by sensing the diameter of the reeled raw silk through the sensor. When the linear density is lower than the allowable range, a signal for adding threading is sent. The mechanism and the thread catcher can automatically add threads and automatically control the thread density of the reeling silk. The output per unit is more than double that of the vertical reeling machine, usually 20 units per group and 20 threads per unit.

Fixed grain automatic reeling machine
The first-generation automatic silk reeling machine developed by Japan in the 1950s to indirectly control the linear density of raw silk by automatically controlling the number of fixed grains. Since the grain size sensor is often inaccurate in grain size due to factors such as mechanical failure, cocoon cooking state, and cocoon feeding machine performance, it has been completely replaced by the fixed fiber automatic reeling machine in the 1960s.

reeling machine
It is named after the workers sit and operate. The vertical reeling machine evolved from the sitting reeling machine. It consists of two parts: front and back. The front desk, including the reeling pot, the Sox device, the twisting sheath device, the cocoon container, the steam and water supply devices, etc., is located in front of the silk reelers. The backstage, also known as the strategy table, includes silk proving, sign-stopping device, interlacing device, large and small rubbing wheel and silk drying device, etc. It is located behind the silk reeler. The silk reeling operation is mostly done by hand, each person takes care of 4~6 threads, the labor productivity is low, the soup temperature is as high as about 75 ℃, the sericin dissolves a lot, the soup color is thick, the raw silk is slightly brown, the silk reeling speed is high, about 180m min, but The working environment is poor and the labor intensity of workers is high. Except for a few farmers, it is rarely used today.

Straight reeling machine
During silk reeling, the raw silk is directly wound on the 1.5m perimeter, and the large filament sheet is directly formed without the re-rolling process. Straight reeling shortens the silk making process, saves labor and reduces production costs. However, it is easy to cause uneven drying and poor forming of the silk thread, and the silk flakes are glued and disordered, and are often cut off and defective in the weaving project. At present, the silk reeling method of tussah cocoon dry reeling adopts a straight reeling machine.

Thousand Reeling Machine

Dry silk reeling equipment for reeling coarse denier silk, without silk reeling soup, using double-gong cocoons, poor raw material cocoons, etc.
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