Application of high end milling and milling composite center

  • 2018-01-05 17:17:43

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Composite processing as one of the development direction of machining, CNC equipment is a main direction of development. In a variety of complex processing in the field of machining is the most developed field. Various exhibitions at home and abroad, we can see a lot of machine tool manufacturers have introduced such equipment, as show the contents of the high-end equipment.

The machining equipment prices are often more expensive, many enterprises in the selection of equipment, such as machine equipment often look at, but did not give the equipment category more, in accordance with the process requirement is often a part of the customized equipment procurement plan, in the selection of equipment type, the first consideration due to the cost of a single piece of equipment depreciation increased within the allowable range, so as to decide whether the purchase of such equipment, many machining equipment have been introduced in this situation. The reason for this phenomenon, the reason is that people use for such equipment is not enough to understand, in addition to worry about the cost of daily maintenance, preparation the processing procedure is perplexed, so people are willing to choose to buy a five axis machining center and a numerical control car. In addition, theoretically mill turn plus workers can effectively improve product quality and production efficiency, but in practical applications, they are not satisfactory. The main constraint is the compilation of processing programs.

Here, we explore how to make the machining program of turn milling compound machining center from two angles, which are how to improve the efficiency of the equipment and expand the application area.

Firstly,how to improve the efficiency of the use of cars. The twin turret center in the machining process, a multi process synchronization can be accomplished using twin turret parts. The same work piece because there are many kinds of processing procedures, using computer aided processing software to complete computer part programming, through process optimization and in the condition of the process is allowed, try to make the two tools in the work of the state at the same time, it can shorten the processing time of the priority. Here are three examples, through these three examples we can see the effect of machining.

It can get rid of the allowance faster through the synchronous setting of the upper and lower tool frames, the rough boring machining of the internal control is completed while the rough vehicle is in shape.

Through the synchronous setting of the upper and lower tool rest, a series of holes are processed, which not only improves the machining efficiency, but also reduces the influence of workpiece deformation through mutual cancellation of axial force.

It can be machined in two sections at a time by synchronizing the upper and lower tool frames.

The control system of twin turret device has a dual channel, on the carriage can be controlled separately, synchronous processing can be achieved by synchronization statements in the code. For example, M10 and M15 are synchronized statement syntax, synchronous machine according to the requirements of control requirements, the number of synchronization statements based on synchronous processing content synchronization statements. The content is synchronous processing.

The optimization process can improve the production efficiency, especially machining for mass has a more important significance. Imagine if the processing time of each parts can save a second, then saved tens of thousands of parts on time and resources will be much less?

Let us look at the car milling composite processing equipment application field. In addition to large quantities of processing situations can be applied in some products, for small batch and single piece production, machining equipment can be used. Because it has at least one control rotation axis, so the application range is extended. It can even replace the multi axis machining center.

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