Teflon how to make raw material belt

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Teflon tape (commonly known as Barka) is a polytetrafluoroethylene plastic products. Teflon tape with raw materials is dispersed Teflon resin powder mixed with extrusion aid after extrusion by extrusion, rolling, forming, degreasing, made of tape. PTFE tape in addition to Teflon with all the physical, chemical, mechanical properties, but also has high tensile strength and elongation, the soft uniform, winding, followability, adhesion and filling are Very good, due to its compression resilience, creep resistance, high and low temperature resistance, and excellent corrosion resistance and self-lubricating properties for a wide range of liner and flange seal applications. Flange gasket can be outsourced Teflon tape. GB150-1998 "steel pressure vessel" in the gasket material "Asbestos rubber plate" is a chemical plant, low-pressure flange sealing materials commonly used, this material is a one-time use gasket gasket, if the appearance of the material Uniform coating of a layer of Teflon tape, not only can improve its sealing performance, but also can extend its service life. PTFE hydrophobic hydrophobic, non-sticky, so that the gasket in the overhaul of the demolition is not adhesive damage, you can use multiple, thus reducing maintenance costs.

When the flange gasket is made of cork or soft copper, it is surrounded by a layer of Teflon tape, which can significantly improve the sealing performance. Although soft aluminum, soft copper metal gasket material hardness is low, but as the ideal gasket material, it is still high hardness. PTFE gasket in the outer cover with raw materials, the operation is very convenient, which not only can improve the gasket corrosion resistance and expand its scope of use, but also can significantly improve the sealing performance. The reason is that the two flat metal gasket sealing surface and the flange of a pair of sealing surface, the machining accuracy is very high, the surface roughness of Ral.25, the accuracy of the higher processing costs, the required bolt preload Big. Teflon coated raw tape, the raw material with a long fiber, high strength, and plasticity, good rolling, so that the role of flange bolts under preload plastic deformation, filling the sealing surface, to maintain more Good sealing performance.

Stainless steel "O" ring coated with PTFE tape, the sealing effect is very good. Similarly, but also because the raw material with a long fiber, high strength, good rolling, it can make the sealing surface is very easy to compaction seal.

"O" type rubber seal is one of the most commonly used seals, especially in the hydraulic transmission is widely used, can do, low pressure static seal, reciprocating seals can also be done.

In the "O" type rubber seal coated with a layer of PTFE raw material tape, to prevent the medium of rubber corrosion and swelling, greatly improving the "O" type rubber seal performance and service life, is more Ideal composite sealing materials, and easy to make, very popular with engineering and technical personnel. When the "O" type rubber seal is used as a reciprocating seal ring, the coefficient of friction is larger due to the large coefficient of kinetic friction of the rubber and the rubber ring being stretched during operation and the surface is relatively rough. Although there is oil lubrication at work, the rubber adsorbs oil and adsorbs a large amount of particulate matter in the oil. As a result, there is a large wear on the parts that move relative to it.

In the "O" rubber ring coated with a layer of Teflon tape, the seal performance can be greatly improved. PTFE soft and smooth, non-stick, small friction coefficient. The combination of these two materials not only retains the elasticity and self-packing of the rubber, but also absorbs the advantages of long PTFE fibers, high strength, softness, good plastic deformation, smooth surface and non-adhesive adhesion. Therefore, this composite material is an ideal sealing material, which not only improves the sealing performance, but also extend the life of their own and related components.

In addition, the packing ring made of filled PTFE has the advantages of lubricating oil chamber, small friction, good wear resistance and good dimensional stability. It can be used for the dynamic sealing of shafts, rods and screw joints under high pressure and high speed operation. Therefore, it is used as sealing material in threaded fasteners in chemical plants. It has good sealing performance, and its application is clean, convenient and ready to use. It can be used in the temperature range of -180 ° ~ + 250 ° C. It is widely used in the sealing materials of water pipe and other corrosive fluid conveying pipelines and low-pressure steam pipe thread interfaces due to the advantages of anti-corrosion, good sealing effect and easy to use. Seals and closures requiring corrosion-resistant valves (except domestic water lines and valves). As an industrial pipe thread seal, now widely used, such as chemical industry, defense industry, petroleum gas, water supply, steel, food, paper and other industrial pipe fittings thread seal. Can also be used for electronic, electrical insulation coating materials such as high-frequency wires, cable insulation coating, suitable for winding wire industry on the continuous, mechanized production requirements.

Vibration in the pipeline, the pipeline temperature is high (250 ° below), corrosive media and other harsh conditions, the use of good effect, the service life of more than one year. Anshan Iron and Steel, Fushun, the oil one, two, three plants, Daqing Oilfield and other units have been widely used. As a mechanical flat seal, Teflon raw material belt in some Anshan Iron and Steel Plant has also been a practical success. Commonly used sealing glue in the course of the gradual emergence of leakage, and in the use of Teflon tape, both oil and no leakage.

Second, the raw material formula
The amount of extrusion aid is 17-20% of the weight of the resin, preformed single pressure generally controlled at 7-15 ㎏ / ㎝ ². Compression ratio 50-150, pushing pressure 50-100㎏ / ㎝ ², pushing speed 1-2m / min.

1. Resin
Where the processing of good decentralized polymerization resin can be used to produce raw material belt, raw material belt performance and resin quality levels are close

2. Extrusion agent
Extrusion agent is added to disperse the resin to reduce the resistance of the lubricant, commonly used extrusion aid is paraffin oil. Its boiling range temperature
High, not volatile, semi-finished products pushed out of the sticky, the product is not easy to produce longitudinal cracks in the rolling process, resulting in less waste. At the same time, it is very soluble in organic solvents, easy to extract. Solvent oil can also be used as extrusion aid, but the disadvantage is the low boiling point, volatile, to be strictly controlled process conditions. Advantages are easy to remove, in addition, dichloroethylene is also used in foreign countries in recent years extrusion aid extrusion products with its appearance and good color, good quality.

3. Extracting agent

Extractant is the solvent used to extract the excipient in the green belt. Common extractants are acetone and trichlorethylene. It consists of a low compression ratio of the dispersion polymerization resin and extrusion aid (paraffin oil, etc.) mixed by the paste extrusion, pressed into a bar by pressing method, by two-roll rolling at constant speed film, with trichloride Ethylene or trichloroethane extraction to remove extrusion aid (thick 0.1mm film extraction time is about 2min), and then cut into a certain width of the belt is raw material products.

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