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According to authoritative sources,"China made 2025" plan will be officially released within the month,"planning" put forward 10 key areas,including a new generation of information and communication technology industry,high-end CNC machine tools and robotics,bio-medicine.In this regard,the industry said China made 2025 ready to come out,CNC machine tools or will usher in the development of the spring.

China's CNC machine tools to develop regional imbalances of high-end products rely on imports.

CNC machine tools as a strategic military equipment,It is a variety of weapons and equipment important means of manufacturing and an important guarantee for the modernization of national defense and military equipment.The level of CNC machine tools are various and production capacity reflects the country's technical and economic comprehensive national strength.But from the current point of view,China's development of CNC machine tools is relatively slow,regional development is not balanced, and to the low-end,high-end CNC machine tools need to rely on imports.

From the perspective of China's CNC machine tool industry,China's numerical control machine tool development of the regional characteristics is very obvious,the regional response to the development of China's CNC machine tool is not balanced.For example,Zhejiang,Shandong,Beijing,Hebei and Sichuan,CNC machine tools have formed a relatively complete industrial system,according to the analysis,these places on the one hand because the economic development speed is faster,higher level of opening up,conduct to the introduction of foreign advanced technology.On the other hand,because these areas of the market radiation,such as Sichuan,the economic level is clearly not as good as the eastern coast,but in the southwest region,Sichuan CNC machine tool market,with national support,so the development is relatively fast.However,some old industrial production base,CNC machine tool development is relatively slow.

In addition to uneven distribution,China's CNC machine tools are mainly in the low-end products,high-end CNC machine tools mainly rely on imports.According to the Chinese Academy of Engineering Liu Baicheng said,"big but not strong" is the reality of China's manufacturing industry.To CNC machine tools,for example,China's low-end CNC machine tool production,but 80% of the high-end CNC machine tools to import.

Compared with the developed countries,China's machine tool industry started late,the development of a shorter time,technology is relatively backward.Although the scale of China's machine tool industry ranks first in the world,but faced with irrational industrial structure,lack of independent innovation and many other challenges.Industry said that China's machine tool industry in the development process,it is necessary to speed up the reality of the shortcomings,but also in the clear industrial development goals and development priorities under the guidance of the system to promote the development of machine tool industry,promote the development of CNC machine tools vigorously.In order to achieve by the machine tool production to the machine tool production power change.

CNC machine tools become "China made 2025" one of the 10 key areas,the development will usher in a certain opportunity.Zhou Jian, president of the Chinese Academy of Engineering,digital manufacturing,intelligentization is the inevitable result of the integration of industrialization and information technology,has become the country occupied the manufacturing technology high ground of key areas,as China's manufacturing industry from "big" to "big and strong" Strong driving force.The rapid development of CNC machine tools,China will achieve "big and strong" to provide power.

Strengthening Technological Innovation and Promoting the Development of CNC Machine Tools in China

CNC machine tools have become the mainstream of machine tool consumption,especially high-end CNC machine tools are high-end equipment manufacturing industry,with high-tech, high-tech value-added features,it is the development of strategic emerging industries an important point in the future high-end CNC machine tool market is huge.China wants to achieve from the "big" to "big and strong",you need to strengthen technological innovation,promote the development of CNC machine tools vigorously.

Technological innovation is the driving force for structural adjustment,but also the source of competitive advantage.In China, the high-end CNC machine tool technology is extremely scarce,foreign enterprises occupy the market advantage of the situation,the high-end CNC machine tool technology research and development is both the situation,but also "Made in China 2025" planning to achieve an important choice.In the complex and changeable domestic and international market environment,if there is no independent research and development of high-tech,CNC machine tool industry,the huge opportunities for development can only hand over to let.

Experts said that at this stage,the focus of CNC machine tools business is to accelerate the transformation of economic development,promote product structure adjustment,improve research and development speed,master a number of high-end CNC system CNC system and key functional components of the core technology,Innovation to improve the level of their own businesses,improve product accuracy and reliability.Only through continuous technological innovation,CNC machine tools business will continue to progress,will not be eliminated by the market.

Such as Huazhong NC as early as the "Tenth Five-Year" period,seize the opportunity to abandon some countries generally adopted "based on special computer" ideas,take the "general industrial computer as a hardware platform to Dos,Windows for the open software platform" technology route.This innovative approach to innovative technology,avoid long-term constraints on the development of China's CNC system hardware manufacturing "reliability" bottleneck.On this basis,Huazhong NC through software technology innovation,independent development to break the blockade of foreign 4-channel,9-axis linkage "Central China-type" high-performance CNC system.Original surface direct interpolation technology to the international advanced level.

Only the constant technological innovation,enterprises will be based on the long-term market,continue to move forward.If only blindly rigid,comfortable in the status quo,then the CNC machine tool industry is bound to stagnate. "Made in China 2025" plan ready to come out,CNC machine tools enterprises should seize this good opportunity to vigorously strengthen technological innovation,promote the company's strides forward.

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