CNC turning milling compound machining center: solve the processing problems and improve production

  • 2018-02-06 09:14:28

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CNC machining center is a new processing method based on traditional machining methods, the processing technology of new technology .It improves the accuracy and efficiency of the production of the workpiece, the traditional NC milling composite center comparative advantage can reduce clamping times, improve processing precision, shorten the product manufacturing process chain, improve production efficiency and less area, reduce several production cost and so on.

China in 2001 by the Shenyang CNC machine tool factory produced China's first SSCKZ63-5 CNC machining center machine tool, the introduction of the German company Thomas Liao pull (MAXMULLER) technology, the time to reach the international level at the end of 90s, although the late start, the starting point is still high.

Due to the fact that our overall technical foundation is not very solid, compared with foreign technology, we lack of decades of experience accumulation, and the processing methods and technology are relatively weak.

In the NC machining center machining efficiency, composite CNC milling lathe machining center model can load more special cutting tools, tool arrangement and traditional NC machine is completely different, can reduce the tool change time, improve processing efficiency, to achieve a complete clamping process can control all or most the machining center, thus greatly shorten the product manufacturing process chain. On the one hand reduces the clamping change in the producing time, but also reduces the manufacturing tool and waiting period, good saves the cost of production.

The number of cards in the improvement of precision reduction to avoid the accumulation of errors due to CNC machining center location datum transformation, high strength body design integration, improve the difficult cutting materials processing capacity of composite gravity, CNC milling lathe machining center model can achieve the key data in the process of manufacturing and precision control in in contrast to previous detection, you can achieve a good production and improve product processing precision.

Secondly, for NC milling machining center has saving in production costs can also see the appearance, compact design to improve space utilization, maintenance can be more convenient, the equipment price of single CNC milling composite center high at present, but is to reduce the manufacturing process and equipment required for flash flat and maintenance costs can be very good for the production operation and management costs play a very good control.

With the rapid development of industry of our country's economic construction and mechanical manufacturing enterprises, for improving the production efficiency, the market demand more and more attention on the NC milling machining centers. The introduction of CNC machining center in production and manufacturing can solve the problem of machining, and a substantial increase in production. The cutting tool has for the modernization of the machine tool and through the correct selection when using the relatively new processing way, represent the future development direction of the processing productivity has become possible.

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