The commonly used tool setting method and the preventive measure of the error in NC Machining Center

  • 2018-02-06 09:23:06

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The common tool matching method used in NC machining center

To put it simply, the common tool matching methods used in NC machining center are mainly cutter alignment, automatic cutter alignment and trial cutting method, etc. Due to the complete machining process of a workpiece, several or even dozens of tools may be involved. Because the trial cutting method is relatively primitive and the precision of knife alignment is poor, it is seldom used. We should take a look at the first two more typical knife alignment methods:

1. Automatic alignment method

The automatic tool alignment is realized by the tool detection function configured in the NC machining center. This device can automatically and accurately measure the length of each tool in each coordinate direction, and can automatically correct the error of the tool. The whole process of detection and correction can be realized on the basis of the normal operation of the machine tool. The tool alignment method is completely realized by electronic control device, eliminating the error of artificial tool alignment, so the accuracy of tool alignment is higher. The knife is also more efficient.

2. Tool alignment method

Because of its high economic type, the knife alignment instrument is adopted. It is the main method of the NC machining center now. The cutter alignment is divided into two kinds: the inside tool and the outside tool. The outside tool need to be corrected in advance outside the machine tool. The knife is then mounted on the machine tool and can be used; The tool alignment instrument is a method of measuring the tool installed directly on a fixed position of the machine tool.

The preventive measures of knife error.

Because of the variety of tools used in NC machining center and the disunity of tool size, the tool alignment method should be selected according to the actual machining conditions, and the program instructions should be determined. Even so, there may be some errors in different tool alignment methods, which will affect the machining accuracy of the workpiece.

When the instrument is used, the error is not mainly caused by the error of the manufacture, installation and measurement of the instrument, and the error is also caused by the poor skill of using the instrument. We should pay attention to the installation and measuring accuracy of the instrument, and more importantly, master the correct method of using the instrument. Only by using and operating correctly can the error be reduced to the minimum. At the same time. The quality and rigidity of the cutting tool and the precision of the machine tool itself are also the reasons that affect the tool alignment error. Therefore, it is also important to select the tool of qualified quality and check the 00:00 drift of the NC machining center periodically.

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