What should be paid attention to in the operation of CNC drilling head

  • 2018-02-06 09:26:44

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NC drilling power head is a gear transmission mechanism driven by motor, which can realize boring, milling, drilling and other functions of mechanical equipment. NC drilling power head is a relatively simple transmission mechanism. Various forms, the basic principle is that the motor drives a gear transmission mechanism, can achieve boring, milling, drilling and other functions, some with guideway operation.

The operation rules of drilling power head are as follows:

1. The operator shall not leave his post without authorization during the working process;

2. The oil flow of the oil pressure system should be strict and smooth, and the oil pressure, oil quantity and oil temperature should be kept within the prescribed range;

3. when the temperature is low in winter, the machine tool should be idled first, and only after the oil is dissolved can the work be carried out.

4. when two people operate a machine tool, the division of labor should be clear and one person should be in charge of the command, and the contact must be made before the work;

5. when loading and unloading heavy workpiece, there should be cooperation of others or hoisting machinery;

6. It is strictly forbidden to deliver tools, fixtures and other articles on the running machine tools or touch the workpiece directly by hand;

7. It is strictly forbidden to hold the workpiece or tool of cooling rotation of cotton yarn with cooling liquid in hand;

8. The scraps on the machine tools and the pieces of materials cut off are strictly forbidden to be cleared by hand directly. The scraps of the banded knives wrapped on the cutting tools or workpieces must be removed with iron hooks, and they must stop at the time of clearing.

9. When operating a machine tool, no scaffolding shall be used on or against the machine tool;

Stop when checking accuracy, measuring dimensions, calibrating punching die shears or workpieces changing position or abnormal noise of machine tools.

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