My opinion on domestic machine tool industry production capacity

  • 2018-11-29 09:20:14

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In January 15th, Japanese Industrial Association released data, the amount of the whole year of 2017 the Japanese machine tool orders (preliminary value) rose 31.6% to 1 trillion and 645 billion 516 million yen. Among them, Chinese demand accounted for 1 trillion and 10 billion yen, compared to the same period last year increased 41.2%. more than ever a record in 2007, after a lapse of 10 years once again set a record, a record of Chinese machine tool orders record.

Why the sudden surge in orders so much, because the domestic machine tool industry production capacity, leading to seek foreign products? The answer is obviously not. In fact, a few years ago China has surpassed Japan to become the world's first machine tool production in.2012 years, the world's 28 main production machine tool product countries and regions reached $94 billion 340 million; among them, China machine output value reached 27 billion 540 million yuan, accounting for 28 of the world major countries and machine production The total output value of the 29.19% District, ranked first in the world. Surprisingly, it is the world's largest producer of the machine, but not enough to supply the domestic machine tool market demand.

The reason?

A. industrial upgrading and emerging manufacturing industry in the development of Japan's industrial association mentioned in the report: China of Japanese machine tool the recovery of demand, the main reason is the ongoing new upgrade Chinese enterprise. New upgrade here refers to the present stage of our country's industrial structure adjustment and transformation and upgrading.

In the past year, because of sluggish domestic demand, overcapacity and other reasons, the domestic machine tool enterprises have to face the new pattern of the industrial transformation and upgrading of manufacturing enterprises the low-end is trying to from the low technological content, low innovation ability to climb out of the mud, improve the level of manufacturing industry, to develop high-end market. This upgrade naturally not The high-end machine help, no high-end machine cannot produce high precision, high technology products, no product can talk and upgrade.

Chinese as the world's largest producer of machine tools, the lack of, or just the weakest link is the high-end machine industry. Industry in China facing the innovation ability of high-end machine is not strong, the efficiency is low, the degree of information shortage; for new products, new technology research and development investment in new technology; programming function of the use of advanced cutting tool application is not enough; the popularity of tooling design obsolete and so on many problems. On the other hand, in the background of the global slump, but the development of new manufacturing China rapidly, including automotive, robotics, mobile phone industry has developed rapidly.

The rapid development of the industry put forward higher requirements. The industrial robot as an example, the past two years due to intelligence made fire Hot, the rapid development of the domestic industrial robot industry. Industrial robots in order, according to the Japan Robot Association statistics, Japan in the 2 quarter of this year exports robot also rose by 33.2%, reached a high of 176 billion 500 million yen (about 10 billion 400 million yuan).

And the mobile phone industry, the growing prosperity of the domestic mobile phone also put forward higher the requirements of the machine tool industry. Full screen, curved screen, metal frame, ceramic frame, process more and more beautifully in processing tool needs more and more high-end. But fortunately, Shenyang machine tool and as a representative of Chinese Dazu laser machines and laser industry, the rise of the mobile phone industry in a few to share.

Two, the machine tool industry itself the predicament of talking orders, talk about industry issues. The market is cruel, must abide by the law of survival of the fittest. Excellent left inferior will be eliminated.

So the machine tool industry.

Most of the domestic machine tool companies are currently in an awkward situation: "not high, not low." technology, innovation and other aspects to support among the high-end market, while the inherent original still in the low-end market has a foothold in the market, and will not be completely out in the high-end market competition, domestic machine tool directly facing the world's most advanced technology of machine tool industry, leading enterprises in Germany, Japan and other developed countries competition, such as TRUMPF, Makino, Mazak, Makino, MITSUBISHI heavy machine industry giants. These enterprises machine accuracy, performance is the top of the world on the domestic machine tool does not account for any advantage in these areas.

However, these high-end machine price is equally unacceptable, hundreds of millions, for the low-end manufacturing enterprises, unable to bear Such a high price of the machine. So in the low-end market has been the main position of domestic machine tool. However, it is not so easy, Taiwan province has a low-end, India and other Southeast Asia competition. Such as Taiwan, Dongtai, with friends of Kerry, Taichung, Yawei machine enterprises etc., they are all powerful competitors, the inland areas of machine tool enterprises in 2016 year, Taiwan area Chinese in mainland China imported CNC lathe source, the number of listed first; the amount of second.

The average price for Chinese, the average price of imported CNC lathe 55%. although the tigers camouflage, fierce competition, but one thing is gratifying, in the end the domestic market there are still a big piece belongs to the domestic machine tool, and more and more domestic manufacturing plants are also starting to use the domestic machine tool. On the three, breaking the advice a little to make us feel awkward: Chinese manufacturing industry's recovery and rebound, the first benefit is the Japanese machine tool. But no matter how to say, this thing is more like to give us a warning, domestic machine tool really need to high-end. Or it will be stuck in my throat, hard to swallow.

1. innovation: CNC machine tool industry today, to enhance the competitiveness of the industry, wide support to go on the market, the development of high-end route. While the innovation is the basic driving force of the development of machine tool industry, want to realize CNC machine tool industry to raise the level of technology, we should pay attention to innovation platform construction. On innovation, in China's high-end CNC machine tools and basic manufacturing equipment major science and technology conference, deputy director the Ministry of industry and information technology equipment industry secretary Luo Junjie mentioned "CNC machine tool to overall breakthrough should continue to play the innovation advantages of China characteristics, the concentration of various innovation resources, continue to promote, for a long time to work.

2. time: we need to process, machine tool design, system development, technological process, technological development, the developed countries need to process. The machine tool industry history of nearly a hundred years, China's machine tool industry started slow, but the rapid development in Shenyang. Led by the machine tool machine tool enterprises have their own operating system and the intelligent machine, while the top precision products less than top companies, but it is not far off.

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