An Analysis of The Recent Situation of High-End CNC Machine Tools in China

  • 2018-11-29 09:18:30

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The machine is industrial tools, is used for manufacturing machine, which is an important feature of the machine is different from other equipment. With the process of industrialization, the manufacturing of machine tools is proposed for high speed, precision, flexible manufacturing requirements, the machine is also composed of three axis machine tool common gradually for the development of high speed and high precision machining, five axis machining center, CNC machine tools, implements a workpiece clamping milling, drilling, boring and other machining processes, not only the processing precision is high, but because of the fast moving and accurate positioning, improve the production efficiency.

As everyone knows, our country is the world's first manufacturing power, is the world's first machine tool producer. But our country is in the high-end manufacturing equipment has a large gap with the international advanced level. Through our years of efforts, China has formed covering aerospace, automobile, ten landmark achievements of high-end machine and other key areas of typical equipment. The basic representative of China's highest level of high-end machine equipment research and development and application, has for nuclear power, large aircraft and other major national projects and new aircraft, rockets and a number of national key projects provides the key manufacturing equipment, in a number of key technologies and equipment to achieve a breakthrough, strong support and safeguard the national security.

For example 80 thousand tons of large forging presses and tons of aluminum plate tension tensile machine and other heavy equipment successfully developed, to fill the domestic aviation large key pieces of the whole body The gap shaped; large fuel tank welding equipment for successful development of Long March five, a new generation of rocket, the first use of domestic machining center and CNC Turning Center Demonstration production line established in the aerospace field, has been applied in the new generation of carrier rockets, lunar exploration project processing more than 100 kinds of more than 10000 pieces the key parts of the complex, has achieved remarkable economic and social benefits. The effectiveness of the CNC forging equipment industry is significant, in which large automotive cover parts, automatic stamping production line has reached international advanced level, the domestic market share of more than 70% of the global market share of special CNC machine tools more than 30%.

We do now from 2009 implementation since the industry technical level has improved significantly, narrowing the gap with the international advanced level, the development of precision horizontal machining center and other more than 30 categories of key products reached the international Advanced level. Among them, 25 meters column moving vertical milling lathe is a national major project construction needs, the technical parameters, technical level is at the leading level in the world, the world's largest machine specifications, on behalf of the national high-grade heavy-duty CNC machine tools CNC machine. The highest level of special support, China's CNC system has realized from the simulation type, pulse type digital bus across multiple channels, the main technical indexes of multi axis high performance CNC system series products have basically reached the international mainstream high-end CNC system level. At present, the domestic high-end CNC system has more than 10 types and 600 sets of high-grade CNC machine tools supporting, start the key enterprises in the aerospace application. The product quality level of the enterprise features steadily, constantly improve the product series, as CNC machine tool market is currently rolling components in the high-end of the share of 20%, compared to 2 009 years increased by 4 times, varieties satisfaction reached 80%.

The most worth mentioning is the innovation and reliability level of China's machine tool industry increased significantly, the machine tool industry standards and technical norms gradually improved. Through the implementation of special machine tool, promote the domestic backbone enterprises and joint universities, with joint development, actively organize the compilation of industry standards the reliability assessment of national / NC machine tool application in machine tool industry. The host machine MTBF from before the implementation of the special 400-500 hours has generally improved to 1200 hours, some products have reached more than 2000 hours, close to the international advanced level. The results of the special formation of a large number of technical standards, the competitive advantage in the international industry significantly enhanced, form a strong support for product development, but also on the national equipment manufacturing industry sustainable development to enhance the ability to play a role in protection of.2016 in December, China's independent Put forward for S shape measurement of five axis machine tool specimens standard by the international standard certification, become our country in the high-end CNC machine tool design, the first standard detection field, to achieve a breakthrough.

In 2017 as the future year of great significance, we will continue our efforts to further implement the strategy of innovation driven development and manufacturing this strategy, in order to implement the program of special CNC machine tool and the "13th Five-Year" implementation plan as guidance, with ten landmark achievements as the starting point, focusing on aerospace, automotive two users, both the process of generic technology research and key areas of verification, the key components of R & D and industrialization development of parallel platform and accelerate the demonstration project the construction of innovation ability, strengthen the cultivation of innovative talents and the introduction of high-end talent, efforts to solve the machine system and functional components, reliability and maintain the accuracy, efficiency and processing Problems in the process of upgrading the level of the three aspects, to achieve special achievements in key areas of large-scale, demonstration and application of complete sets, for the full implementation of the "2025 China manufacturing" to provide support.

Chinese machine and equipment industry "aircraft carrier" has been testing the waters before, in time, China machine and equipment industry "ship" will be in the wind the globalization of the world economy in the tide of the pump wave.

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