Machine Tool Industry Top Ten Keywords in 2017

  • 2018-11-29 09:12:03

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Machine Tool Industry Top Ten Keywords in 2017

1. Innovation After experiencing the winter of machine tools, innovation has become a problem that machine tool companies have to solve. In fact, it is not only machine tool companies. For the entire manufacturing industry, innovation in 2017 is a popular word. In 2017, the innovation of machine tool companies is reflected in the achievement of a technological achievement. Jinan No.2 Machine Tool, Shenyang Machine Tool, Qinchuan Machine Tool, Pushkin River and other companies successively broke through the national special issues in 2017, adding a brilliant touch to China's machine tool technology innovation. The transformation, upgrade, and adjustment of structures have also become the highlights of machine tool companies in 2017.

2. High precision If in the past the machine tool industry was "big but not strong" and "low-end flooding", then in 2017, "high precision" became the development goal of machine tool companies. With the development of the manufacturing industry, the customer's requirements for machine tools are constantly increasing. Before the price alone, the price alone will not work, and the fight against the market is the hard truth in the fight for product and quality. The advancement of machine tools towards “precision” is not only the country’s slogan, but also the intrinsic requirement of the market for companies in 2017.

3. The transformation and upgrading For machine tool products, we must innovate and develop to form our own competitiveness; for machine tool companies themselves, we also need to upgrade and upgrade their quality and efficiency. In 2017, the most dramatic change is the stock market, and the stock market also reflects the status quo of business operations. After successive machine tools companies such as Shenyang Machine Tool, Kunming Machine Tool, and East China CNC Machine Co., Ltd., Shenyang Machine Tool took the lead in reforming the first step: adjusting the business model and developing shared machine tools. Under the drastic reform of Shen-machinery, news was recently reported that Shenyang Machine Tool is expected to achieve profitability in 2017. Enterprises need to follow the market. In the context of overcapacity in the machine tool market, declining profits and rising demand for high-end products, the machine tool companies themselves must make adjustments. Whether it is the "i5" new model or the reorganization of assets, it is an inevitable requirement for development. Xiao Bian boldly predicted here that in 2018, the transformation and upgrading of machine tool companies will continue to be the industry's key words.

4. Intelligent machine tools We are not unfamiliar with CNC machine tools. Have you understood the concept of intelligent machine tools? In the general situation of CNC machine tools, a new word was born in 2017, namely the intelligent machine tool. An intelligent machine tool is a machine tool that can make decisions during the manufacturing process. Yes, in the future, a machine tool can decide on production. It will control the angle and time of the process itself, perform conscious repair of various deviations in the process of reproduction, and give an optimal solution by calculating the processing time and the service life of the components. Xiao Bian thinks that intelligent machine tools will become another industry development trend after CNC machine tools.

5. No chemical plant Baidu Encyclopedia defines: unmanned factories are also called automated factories, fully automated factories, which means that all production activities are controlled by electronic computers, and the production line is equipped with robots and factories without workers. Machine tool companies also entered the era of unmanned people in 2017. At the Shanghai Industry Fair in 2017, major international companies such as KUKA, Bosch, and ABB demonstrated their own automation solutions. Exhibitors can experience a fully automated “unmanned factory” at close range. Domestic companies such as Suzhou Bozhong Seiko Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Wodi Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. are also showcasing their unparalleled presence in the "unmanned chemical plant." In fact, “unmanned chemical plants” are gradually increasing in China. For companies that require high-precision machining, such as machine tools, “unmanned” will be another major trend.

6. Robot All say "Human-Machine Cooperation", Xiao Bian thought that in 2017, this "person" can be changed to "robot", and this "machine" can also be changed to "machine tool". In automated production lines, the cooperation of robots and machine tools is becoming mainstream. For example, Huazhong CNC and other well-known machine tool companies have focused on robots in 2017. Xiao Bian believes that in the future, people and machine tools will really be replaced by the cooperation of robots and machine tools, and people will supervise the normal operation of these machines as managers.

7. Shared machine tools In 2017, I have to mention the concept of shared machine tools. Sharing is sharing. After sharing companies such as sharing bikes, sharing umbrellas and sharing charging treasures, sharing is no stranger to everyone. The most typical application of “sharing machine tool” is the i5 of Shenyang Machine Tool. The I5 mode is an enterprise that requires machine tool processing to use the i5 (i5, namely industrialization, informatization, networking, intelligentization, and integration) intelligent machine tools to realize the leasing of machine tools through the Internet, paying by the hour or processing volume. This not only allows expensive machine tool equipment to be shared, but also provides a secure entrepreneurship platform for self-employed entrepreneurs. For machine tool companies, it also indirectly broadened the market, digested the production capacity, and realized the return of capital and income generation.

8. Industrial Internet of Things In the past, machine tools did not seem to have much to do with the network. In 2017, the machine tool also embarked on the "IoT" road. The application of industrial Internet of Things not only greatly increases the degree of intelligent production, but also shortens the distance between manufacturers and users. For example, the jewellery processing machine tool of Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd. can realize online orders and personalized production, providing one-on-one customized services for customers. The i5 is also one of the typical applications of the Internet of Things. If each machine tool can be interconnected in the future, the future, including the machine tool industry, will form an enormous information network that is not inferior to the current Internet.

9. Precision manufacturing Another key word for the 2017 machine tool industry is "precision manufacturing." The machine tool is called an industrial master machine, and precision manufacturing is more important for important areas such as aerospace, shipbuilding, and equipment. In 2017, the machine tool made a breakthrough in precision manufacturing. The successful capping of the Dalian Koyo Tibetan-style constant temperature and humidity plant means that China's machine tools are beginning to move toward high precision and high levels. However, the machine tools with an error of less than one-hundredth of a millimeter produced by Dalian Guangyang also make China's precision manufacturing a place in the world.

10. Exports In the past, machine tools were mainly imported. In 2017, machine tool exports became new keywords in the industry. Taking metal processing machine tools as an example, as of October 2017, the cumulative number of machine tool exports increased by 7.7% from the same period of last year, and the amount increased by 8.5. Exports rose sharply in line with industry development. In 2017, not only did the domestic machine tool makers actively explore overseas markets, but machine tool small and medium-sized enterprises were not to be outdone. According to Xiaobian, Southeast Asia, Africa and other regions have become the main areas for machine tool SMEs, and overseas businesses have also been valued by companies. The development of machine tools is booming. Through the 2017 industry keyword review, it is not difficult for us to find that China's machine tools are developing towards high-end, smart, and precision. Looking ahead to 2018, it is difficult to predict which words will be continued in the industry key words and which words will appear again. However, Xiao Bian believes that in 2018, the development of the machine tool industry is worth the wait.

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