Difference between boring and milling machine and milling and boring machine.

  • 2023-10-18 14:44:00
Milling machine refers to a gantry milling machine that mainly uses milling cutters to process various surfaces on workpieces. Usually the rotational motion of the milling cutter is the main motion, and the motion of the workpiece (and) the milling cutter is the feed motion.
Boring machine gantry milling machine, milling and boring machine and boring machine are one of them. Boring machines can also be used for milling operations, as long as a milling cutter is installed. Boring machines are mainly machine tools that use boring tools to drill holes in workpieces. Usually, the rotation of the boring tool is the main motion, and the movement of the boring tool or the workpiece is the feed motion.

CNC boring and milling machines are generally relatively large equipment, just like horizontal machining centers. The CNC boring and milling machines and boring and high-pressure machining centers currently produced can basically be used universally, but the boring machines used to process parts in Magee are less restricted. As for programming, boring machines generally use feed per revolution when drilling, while machining centers generally use feed per minute. Because boring machines and milling machines have good centripetal force and the ram can be extended very long, they are generally used to process holes with higher precision and larger volumes. For large box parts, the ram of the boring and milling machine is relatively stable and the processing surface accuracy is relatively high, which can basically be achieved through a good machining center.

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