Small and medium-sized Enterprises Have Three Bottlenecks to Control the Internet

  • 2019-04-13 13:08:24

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In the traditional model, SMEs have a complete industrial chain for "supply" and "sale",when it moves the business online, it finds the chain essentially paralyzed or disabled and needs a new platform to help it construct.

Recently I stayed in Sichuan, some small and medium business owners had a conversation, the topic is still inseparable from the Internet. I have been very concerned about a trend: China has more than 20 million SMEs, how do they think of the Internet? How to use the Internet to expand their business? I believe the answers to these two questions are likely to determine their future and destiny in the context of "national progress toward demobilization," determine the future direction of China's economy.

The result of the exchange surprised me a lot and I understand a few years ago the situation is very different: SMEs generally have a strong interest in the Internet, but also completed the initial construction of information, such as have their own website, the use of website publishing business information, even using new media tools including BBS, SNS, Weibo, etc. The Internet marketing. This makes me very excited, I believe they have tasted the sweetness, otherwise they will not have set up network marketing department, big name "dry Internet."

But when the exchange went deep, I found the problem - "informatization" did not bring business change to SMEs. "The website was built, the promotion was done, but the order did not get in the air." In the chat, I just encourage them, to believe the Internet, it is not only a low-cost business development platform, but also the foundation for the future of SMEs to build the platform. After coming back I chatted with some insiders on this issue, summed up the three bottlenecks:

1, the lack of efficiency in the management of resources. Here's "resources", including customers, marketing, business and other dimensions. This is not enough information on the current level of SMEs, "millet plus rifles" or their main equipment, this is not looking for a CIO can be solved.

2, the pace of information and e-commerce disorder. Speaking popular point, understanding of information and the Internet Sluggish SMEs need "mentors" to help them develop strategies, strategies and planning steps to master the rhythm. I have a friend engaged in commercial photography is a typical case, take a look at his advice to my question: Today may be the PPC rankings, tomorrow is SEO, the day after tomorrow also have to do online store, give me the feeling that there is no rule.

The core is the third bottleneck: the lack of platform resources. In the traditional model, SMEs have a complete industrial chain for "supply" and "sale", and when it moves the business online, it finds the chain essentially paralyzed or disabled and needs a new platform to help it Build, this is the so-called "business district."

Interrupting, let's talk about an episode, take a look at the contrast between the two Internet companies: Alibaba and CEB, both companies have 10-year history, the customer base is small and medium enterprises, doing things and e-commerce Related to provide information services. What is interesting is that these days the power of the annual sales elites (referred to as CEO) made by the state-owned enterprises of China is selected in Hangzhou, the home of Ali. I have to say that this is a very provocative one.

Alibaba, its core is a virtual platform - creating a trading market where SMEs can trade fairly and freely. However, it is not clear to everyone that the name of the CEE is unknown. In fact, in the course of a decade, the company has provided relatively low-key and more solid localized services for SMEs. The core of the power of CEB is "sermons" - preferring a guide to gradually bring SMEs to the path of e-commerce. Of course, the roles of both parties are not clear and cross each other, which is a co-opetitive relationship.

The reason why I spent some ink on these two companies was to solve the three bottlenecks I raised:

1, SMEs need a platform, but more need to grasp the platform's ability. For a group of information and Internet "white", give it a good platform, more potential customer resources, but also in vain. For example, for a kid who just exclaimed, "Mom," he needed a word-for-word teaching instead of kindergarten to "talk" with other children. To put it plainly, SMEs need "consultants."

2, first learn to climb, then learn to go. I have seen many traditional businesses have had great enthusiasm for the Internet. When they burned a sum of money, they in turn questioned the Internet, including a large number of government websites. I remember many years ago had scrape a while "e-government" style, many government agencies linked to the site but as decoration. Here's the "rhythm disorder" problem here.

3, information service needs flourishing. Whether it is Alibaba to the platform as a breakthrough, or the driving force of the "full marketing network solution", and even Baidu in major colleges and universities to promote the establishment of search marketing courses, which are laying the foundation. The "mouse + cement" formulation as early as 10 years ago, but until today, the mouse or mouse, cement or cement, SME e-commerce road, the Long March only took the first step. Also hope that whether Alibaba's Network Conference or CEE of CEE, both for small and medium enterprises to provide a platform service or an exclusive network marketing solutions, led by the two companies in the information industry can accelerate The pace of small and medium-sized enterprise information to control the Internet, because only the real development of China's SMEs, China's economy will take off more.

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