Punch the correct method of operation

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Punch should be how to operate correctly

1. Punch workers must learn to master the structure of the device, performance, familiar with operating procedures and obtain permission to operate independently.

2. Proper use of equipment safety protection and control devices, shall not arbitrarily move.

3. Check the machine transmission, connection, lubrication and other parts and protection of the safety device is normal, the mold screw must be installed firmly, not moving.

4. The machine tool should be left open for 2-3 minutes before work. Check the flexibility of the control devices such as foot brakes to confirm the normal operation before use.

5. When the mold firmly solid, upper and lower mold alignment, to ensure the correct position, hand-moving machine test impulse (empty car), to ensure that the mold is in good working condition.

6. Before driving to pay attention to lubrication, remove all floating objects on the bed.

7. Punch move or operation punching, the operator should stand properly, hands and head should keep a certain distance with the punch, and always pay attention to punch action, no chat with others.

8. Punching or indecent short pieces of work, the use of special tools, shall not be directly by hand or pick up.

9. Punching or lean long body parts, should be set up security care rack or take other safety measures to avoid digging injury.

10. Single punch, hands and feet are not allowed on the hand, foot gate, must be washed once moved (tread) about, to prevent accidents.

11. When more than two people work together, the person responsible for moving (riding) gates must pay attention to the action of the feeding person.

12. At the end of the work stop in time, cut off the power, wipe the machine, finishing the environment.

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