What is the Use of CNC Machine Tools

  • 2018-01-04 14:33:16

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The current CNC machine tools have achieved computer control and are widely used in the industry,especially in the mold manufacturing industry.

For the turning,milling,grinding,drilling and shaving and other metal cutting processing and electrical processing,laser processing and other special processing needs,has developed a wide range of CNC machining machine tools.A wide range of CNC machine tools,CNC machine tools are generally divided into 16 categories:

1 CNC lathe (turning center with milling function)

2 CNC milling machine (including milling center)
3 CNC Hang bed
4 milling-based machining center.
5 CNC grinding machine   (including grinding center)
6 CNC drilling machine   (including drilling center)
7 CNC broaching machine
8 CNC planer
9 CNC cutting machine
10 CNC gear machining machine
11 CNC laser machining machine
12 CNC WEDM machine
13 CNC EDM machine (including electric machining center)
14 CNC Bancun forming machine tools
15 CNC tube forming machine tools
16 other CNC machine tools

Mold manufacturing commonly used CNC machining machine tools are:CNC milling machine,CNC EDM machine tools,CNC WEDM,CNC grinding machines and CNC lathes.

CNC machine tools usually by the control system,servo systems,testing systems,mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems.

The control system is used for the operation,management and control of CNC machine tools.The data are obtained through the input medium,which can be interpreted and calculated for these data and have an effect on the machine tool.The servo system drives the machine tool according to the instructions of the control system to make the tools and components execute the NC codes.

The detection system is used to detect the displacement and speed variation of the execution parts (worktable,turntable,skateboard,etc.) of the machine tool,and the test results are fed back to the input end,compared with the input command,the machine motion is adjusted according to the difference;Machine tool drive system is driven by the servo drive components to the implementation of the machine tool between the mechanical transmission gear;auxiliary system variety.

Such as:canned cycle (can repeat a variety of repeated processing),automatic tool change (exchange designated tool),transmission gap compensation mechanical transmission system gap error) and so on.

In NC machining,CNC milling is the most complex,and most to be solved.In addition to CNC milling outside the CNC wire cutting,CNC EDM,CNC turning,CNC grinding and other NC programming has its own characteristics,the book will focus on the introduction of numerical control machining programs with guidance CNC milling CNC Programming.

Servo system is the role of the pulse from the CNC device into a machine tool moving parts.

CNC machine tools usually by the control system,servo systems,testing systems,mechanical transmission systems and other auxiliary systems.

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