The World Machine Tool Competition Presents Three Major Characteristics

  • 2018-01-04 14:33:50

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1 The international market competition pattern

The level and scale of the modernization of the machine tool industry is one of the important symbols of the industrial development of a country.The traditional manufacturing powers of the machine tool industry are mainly industrialized countries such as Germany,Japan,the United States and Italy. China has become a big machine tool manufacturing country.In 2009,the world's major developed countries,the output value of the machine tool industry dropped significantly due to the financial crisis.China still maintained a positive growth and its output surpassed the world for the first time.In 2010,the output value of machine tools in China continued its rapid growth,accounting for 31% of the world's output value and remained global.In 2012,the output value of machine tools continued to be global.China is a large machine tool manufacturing country but not a machine tool powerhouse.In 2010,China's export value accounted for only 8.8% of its output value,rising slightly to 10% by 2012, but it is still far below the 60% of the world's machine tool manufacturing power.In the meantime,from the perspective of imports,the import of machine tools in China reached 9.42 billion U.S. dollars in 2010,surpassing the total imports of the last six countries and the import rate of machine tools (imports/consumption) was 33%.In 2012,the import of machine tools in China continued to increase Year on year to 136.6 billion U.S. dollars,but the growth rate dropped significantly year-on-year.

Overall, the competition pattern of the world's machine tools presents the following features:

The world's machine tool power still retains the strong technical,scale and brand advantages and is the main exporter of international machine tools.

Secondly,the major consumers machine tools market in the world is shifting to developing countries,especially China,India and Mexico.

Thirdly,China machine tool in the world machine tool industry has played a decisive role in the high-end products already have a strong competitive edge,but there are some gaps with the level.

2 Domestic market competition pattern

At present,the domestic metal forming machine tool industry presents a pattern of mutual competition among multinational corporations,foreign-funded enterprises,state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises,which are mainly characterized by the following features:

The entire industry competition pattern is divided into three levels.Level for multinational companies and foreign-funded enterprises,by virtue of its strong technology,scale,brand,occupy a leading position in the high-end market;second level,including the issuer,including a certain core technology,with a larger scale and a certain brand awareness A small number of state-owned enterprises and private-owned enterprises are competitive in the middle and high-end markets.The third level is for smaller private-owned enterprises that compete in the low-end market.

Secondly,the overall size of domestic enterprises is small and industry concentration is low.According to "China Machine Tool Industry Yearbook 2013",a total of 509 enterprises in the metal forming machine tool industry,of which only Jinan Second Machine Tool Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Yangli Group Co., Ltd. and Woder Precision Machinery (China ) Limited.

Thirdly, the domestic single product type is less. Metal forming machines include hydraulic presses,mechanical presses,forging machines and punches,bending,folding,straightening and leveling machines,shearing machines,punching presses and other metal forming machines.Due to historical reasons,most domestic metal forming machine tool enterprises mainly produce one or two products.

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