When buying CNC machine tools should pay attention to the problem

  • 2017-12-25 17:12:22

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When buyiing CNC machine tools should pay attention to the problem

1.Reasonable to determine the function of CNC machine tools.Select CNC machine tools,should not pursue the big and the whole,because excessive pursuit of numerical control machine tools and more axes, table and motor power, high precision, full-featured, the more complex the system, Low reliability.Acquisition costs and maintenance costs will also increase.This will result in a corresponding increase in processing costs.On the other hand will cause a great waste of resources.Therefore, it should be based on product specifications size and precision to choose CNC machine tools.

2. Determine the parts to be processed CNC machine tools should be processed according to the typical parts to be reasonable to buy,although the CNC machine tools with high flexibility and adaptability of the characteristics, but only under certain conditions,the processing of certain parts to achieve the best effect.Therefore,purchase which equipment, we must first determine the typical parts to be processed.

3. The reasonable choice of numerical control system should consider in detail the numerical control system that can meet various performance parameter requirements and reliability index,and should consider easy to operate,program,repair and manage.As far as possible centralized and uniformed,if not exceptional circumstances,as far as possible the selection of the more familiar with this unit,but also the same manufacturer's production of the same series of numerical control systems for future management and maintenance.

4. Configure the necessary accessories and tools In order to give full play to the role of CNC machine tools to enhance their processing capabilities,must be equipped with the necessary accessories and tools.Avoid spending hundreds of thousands of dollars or millions of dollars to buy a machine,because of the lack of a few dozen of attachments or knives and can not be used normally in the purchase of the host when the purchase of some wearing parts and other accessories.Foreign metal cutting experts believe that a $ 250,000 numerical control machine tool,the efficiency depends largely on the value of a $ 30 end mill performance.Visible, CNC machine tools with good performance tools.It is one of the key measures to reduce costs and maximize the overall economic benefits.CNC machine tools are generally equipped with enough tools,in order to give full play to the functions of CNC machine tools,the selected CNC machine tools can process multiple product varieties,prevent unnecessary idle and waste.

5. Emphasis on the installation of CNC machine tools,commissioning and acceptance of work CNC machine tools into the plant after serious installation and commissioning,which after the operation,maintenance,managemen.CNC machine tools in the installation and commissioning of the trial operation,technical staff must actively participate in,study hard,humbly accept the supplier's technical training and on-site guidance.CNC machine tools geometry accuracy,positioning accuracy,cutting precision,machine tool performance and other aspects of a comprehensive acceptance.Carefully check the various technical data,manuals,maintenance manuals,accessories manuals,computer software and manuals and keep them properly,otherwise it will cause some additional functions can not be developed in the future as well as the maintenance of the machine,maintenance difficult.

Finally,we must fully consider the CNC machine tool manufacturers after-sales service,technical support,personnel training,information support,software support,installation and commissioning,spare parts supply,tooling systems and machine tool accessories.

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