What are the machines for machining?

  • 2022-04-19 09:58:12
There are many types of machining equipment:
1. The common machines and equipment in machining factories are (by processing method): turning--lathe, milling--milling, planing--planer (inserting--slotting machine), drilling countersinking (huò) reaming- --Drilling, boring—boring, broaching—broaching, grinding—grinding, polishing—polishing. The above types of equipment can be basically subdivided. Lathes include ordinary cars and several cars. Planers include gantry planers, bull planers and slotting machines. Drilling machines can be divided into desktop, vertical, rocker type, and so on. The multi-functional integrated CNC machining center, through the automatic exchange of different tools, can complete drilling, boring, milling, countersinking, tapping and other processes at one time after the parts are clamped.
2. Sheet metal processing is also a major category of machinery, including punching machines (general punching, CNC punching), bending machines, laser cutting machines, plasma cutting machines and so on.
3. In addition to the above-mentioned turning, milling, drilling and boring machines and machining centers, there are various types of grinding machines (coordinate grinding, smooth curved grinding, centerless grinding, small flat grinding, large flat grinding, internal and external cylindrical grinders), EDM ( wire cutting) equipment, sawing machines, laser marking machines, etc.
4. There are also pre-processing and post-processing equipment for machining: heat treatment equipment, paint, electroplating equipment and so on.
5. Each industry has a focus. For example, the automotive industry has four major processes: stamping, welding, painting, and final assembly. In the workshop, punching machines, welding machines and painting lines are necessary. Depending on the development, it is usually equipped with large or small mold workshops.

If you operate the machine in the future, it is generally required to know more about CNC machine tools, especially machining centers, and you can go to the career channel after you have accumulated enough experience. If you plan to engage in mechanical R&D and design in the future, it is best to have access to these equipment during the study stage. For university, even after graduate school, if you want to lay a solid foundation for machinery, you need to rotate and practice in various workshops. It is very necessary, because whether you are engaged in mechanical technology or design and development, you should have a deep understanding of the processing capabilities of mechanical equipment, and you need to accumulate some knowledge and experience that cannot be learned in books. Remember, machinery is made with hands.

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