What is drilling and tapping machine?

  • 2022-07-04 11:00:19

Drilling and tapping machine is a metal cutting machine tool, CNC machining equipment, similar in style and function to the machining center, but smaller than the machining center, with a general stroke of 500*400.


The drilling and tapping machine has a super-large column that is stable and can be displaced at a high speed of 60m/min without deformation.
Ultra-large span base, six-point support is used to make solid purchases, high-speed displacement, no vibration, no deformation; the three-axis of the drilling and tapping machine can be displaced at a high speed of 60m/min, with high speed and saving processing time;
Spindle design with low inertia, direct drive of the spindle, high stability, fast and accurate tool change in the clamping arm tool magazine, tool change time is 1.4 seconds, in addition to parts processing, this drilling and tapping machine is very suitable for drilling small diameters. hole; and adopts high-strength AC spindle servo motor and humanized dialogue interface area, which is easy to operate.
Basic parameters
1. Standard Specifications of Machine Tool
1. Itinerary
X axis travel 500 MMY axis travel 400MMZ axis travel 300 MM
2. Spindle
Spindle speed 12000/ RPM Spindle hole taper Taper BT.30 Spindle nose to table distance 200-500MM Spindle center to column rail surface distance 420mm
3. Feed
X, Y, Z axis rapid displacement 60000mm/min
4. Workbench
Worktable area 620*420MM Worktable load capacity 300KGT slot width 3×18MM
6. CNC system
Mitsubishi M70B
7. Tool magazine (standard
Tool magazine capacity 16 tools Maximum tool outer diameter Maximum tool length Maximum tool weight
8. Drive motor
Spindle motor 5.5KW X-axis AC servo motor 1.5KW Y-axis AC servo motor 1.5KW Z-axis AC servo motor 3.0KW
9. Shield
full cover
10. Color
Catalog Standard Colors
11. Machine tools
Mechanical footprint size: 1670*2250*2300mm Machinery weight 3600kg.

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