What is emery belt machine?

  • 2022-12-19 10:22:17

Abrasive belt machines can be divided into desktop abrasive belt machines, vertical abrasive belt machines, hand-push belt abrasive machines, and dust removal belt machines.

safe operation

1. Before starting the sand machine, first check whether the wheel disc and belt cover are complete and firm, and whether the sandpaper is damaged. It can be turned on after checking, and can be used after the speed is stable.

2. When grinding, the workpiece should be held firmly, and at the same time, people should stand on the side of the equipment to work, and try to avoid the rotating surface of the abrasive belt.

3. When grinding, the workpiece should be clamped firmly, and the workpiece should slowly touch the sandpaper. Can not be too fast or too hard, should be evenly ground.

4. When installing the sandpaper, it must be tightened firmly. When grinding the object, it must be clamped with pliers, and it cannot be directly ground by hand.

5. Cannot work on the roulette with large vibration.

6. After using the sand machine, the power should be turned off immediately.

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