What is low pressure casting machine?

  • 2022-07-19 10:33:12

Low pressure casting machine is a general equipment for low pressure casting of aluminum alloy, which can be widely used in the production of aluminum alloy castings in automobiles, motorcycles, instruments, textile machinery and aerospace industries. The low pressure casting machine is composed of main engine, hydraulic system, molten pool type holding furnace, liquid level pressurizing device, electrical control system and mold cooling system.

Modern low-pressure casting machines combine computer information technology and automatic control technology to accurately simulate the pressurization process of casting and repeat the pressurization curve. Some low-pressure casting machines also have fault self-diagnosis functions. Advances in low-pressure casting equipment have also contributed to the wider application of low-pressure casting.
Low pressure casting machine is mainly composed of frame, holding furnace, opening and closing mechanism, hydraulic system, pressurization system, electrical control system and other parts.
There are two main types of holding furnaces for low pressure casting machines: one is the holding furnace for graphite crucibles, which are commonly used in two sizes of 300kg and 450kg; the other is the holding furnace for refractory linings, with a capacity from 300kg to 1000kg. The advantage of graphite crucible is that it does not absorb moisture, but the disadvantage is that it has a short life, and the general use time does not exceed 6 months. The heat preservation furnace of the refractory lining has a large capacity and a long service life of the furnace lining, which can generally be used for more than 5 years. The disadvantage is that it is easy to absorb moisture.
The specifications of aluminum alloy wheels are getting larger and larger. At present, 24.5in wheels have been produced in China. Therefore, when choosing a low-pressure machine, the opening and closing mechanism should be large enough. Now the low pressure machine has generally adopted the hydraulic cylinder as the opening and closing mechanism, the cylinder runs smoothly, the pressure value can be adjusted, and the allowable opening range is wide.

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