What is mechanical processing technology?

  • 2023-02-20 11:06:49

What is machining process? It refers to the whole process of making the shape, size, relative position and nature of the blank into a qualified part according to the pattern and size of the drawing by using the method of mechanical processing. The processing technology is the work that the craftsmen need to do before processing. Processing errors occur during the process, resulting in economic losses.

The machining process is the step of manufacturing and processing workpieces or parts. The process of directly changing the shape, size and surface quality of the blank to make it a part is called the machining process. For example, the processing process of an ordinary part is rough machining-finishing-assembly-inspection-packaging, which is a general process of processing.
Mechanical processing technology is to change the shape, size, relative position and nature of the production object on the basis of the process to make it a finished product or semi-finished product. It is a detailed description of each step and each process. For example, as mentioned above, rough Processing may include blank manufacturing, grinding, etc. Finishing may be divided into turning, fitter, milling machine, etc. Each step requires detailed data, such as the roughness and tolerance.
According to the quantity of products, equipment conditions and the quality of workers, the technicians determine the process to be adopted, and write the relevant content into a process document, which is called a process specification. This is more targeted. Each factory may be different, because the actual situation is different.
Generally speaking, the process flow is the program, the processing technology is the detailed parameters of each step, and the process specification is the specific processing technology written by a certain factory according to the actual situation.
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