What is the automatic sprayer machine?

  • 2022-04-13 11:35:20

The automatic spraying machine can be combined with dust removal machine, leveling machine, paint baking machine and conveying table lamp equipment to form an automatic production line, and the complexity of the machine can be determined according to the number of axes of the automatic glue spraying machine. Automatic spraying machines can be divided into glue coating machines and arc spraying machines according to their uses, and can be divided into high-pressure airless glue spraying machines and two-component glue spraying machines according to their functions.

There are many types of automatic sprayers and accessories: 2-axis, 3-axis and 4-axis, and the number of axes of the paint sprayer is determined according to the complexity. Also divided into spray gun, automatic spraying machine, glue applicator, arc paint sprayer, glue sprayer, high pressure airless paint sprayer, two-component paint sprayer, paint spray gun, air spray gun, pneumatic double diaphragm pump, automatic stirring pressure conveying barrels, electrostatic powder spraying equipment, new powder spraying equipment, flame powder spraying system, etc. Some backward equipment is gradually replaced by new spraying machines. Take the current new spraying machine as an example, it is qualitatively different from the traditional spraying method in the past.

1. The automatic spraying machine has extremely high coating efficiency. The spraying efficiency is as high as 500-1200 square meters per hour, which is more than 10 times that of traditional roller construction
2. The automatic spraying machine has excellent surface quality. The spray coating is smooth, bright, dense, free of brush marks, roll marks, and particles.
3. The automatic spraying machine can prolong the service life of the coating. High-pressure airless spraying can make the paint particles penetrate into the gaps of the wall, so that the paint film and the wall form a mechanical bite, which enhances the adhesion of the paint and prolongs the service life.
4. The automatic spraying machine can easily overcome the corners, gaps and uneven parts that are difficult to brush.
5. Automatic spraying machine can save paint. Brush thickness is extremely uneven, generally 30-250 microns.

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