Brass Spindle Making Machine

Small Instrument Lathe

Small Instrument Lathe

Small Instrument Lathe a practical CNC instrument lathe.It adopts national well-known original system and drive, motor,has the advantages of high speed, precision, efficiencys.

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Product Details

Small Instrument Lathe


1. The guide way and the base are made of nodular cast iron bed, which has the advantages of strong rigidity, good shock resistance, smooth chip removal and convenient operation.

2. High frequency quenching. Large plate with Plastic processing,has good abrasion resistance, long life.

3. The machine head adopts arch-shaped and Wave type design,it has  good heat dissipation, high strength, and it is an independent spindle structure can meet high speed moving.

4. Servo control system.The  Driver ,servo motor and system are original.

5. The screw rod is made of grinding ball screw (Z axis φ32mm, X axis φ25mm), which is used Central design to improve the longitudinal cutting force.

6. The transmission is multi wedge belt transmission,which has small transmission vibration, quick heat dissipation,stable movement,high processing precision.

7. Clamping for spring chuck, air clamping method. A2/160 chuck (hydraulic or pneumatic or manual) is also available



Classic 640 servo CNC lathe 

Processing range 

Max. turning diameter of machine body 



Max. turning diameter of pallet 


φ90rows tool 

φ140automatic tool rest 

X Axis travel 



Z Axis travel 



Max. barstock diameter 




Speed range 



speed grade 


无级变速Stepless speed change 

Spindle bore diameter 



Chuck type 


A2-6 inch 

Work clamping mode 


Taiwan three claw pneumatic clamping 

Front taper of spindle hole 


Spring chuck 


Main motor power 





X axis Fast forward speed 




axis Fast forward speed 



positioning accuracy 



Feed motor X/Z Axis 


Servo motor 

Drive motor torque X/Z Axis 



 Tool rest form 


Rows tool rest 

 Control system 







Guangtai 130 

L*W*HMachine size 



Machine weight 



After service

1. Ensure the equipment package meets the requirements of moisture, rain, rust, anticorrosion and shockproof, the mark is clear and correct, make the goods safe, timely delivery to the site.

2. High-quality and fast technical service

In order to better ensure the normal operation of the equipment, timely answer user questions, help users solve problems, the company special maintenance center. Responsible for equipment maintenance and technical consulting services. The maintenance center is responsible for providing free technical consulting services to customers at any time.

3, free debugging for users, open

The engineer shall be responsible for the installation, commissioning, opening and testing of on-site equipment. After the equipment has been successfully debugged, the supplier shall provide the test results in writing to the user, and the supplier's technical personnel may withdraw from the site only with the consent of the user.

4. Regular inspection

Our company sets the inspection system as one of the routine maintenance work, that is, the company organizes the equipment inspection once every six months. With the participation of designers, and listen to the user response to the problems and suggestions, constantly improve the software and hardware functions and quality of the product.

5, quality guarantee period

Warranty period: the warranty period of equipment under the contract is 12 months after the successful installation and commissioning. The cost of spare parts (except force majeure factor and artificial damage) is borne by the supplier during the warranty period.

6. lifelong maintenance to ensure the interests of users

Huadian CNC equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Equipment from the date of acceptance, normal conditions (in addition to force majeure factors and artificial damage, free warranty for 12 months. Warranty expires. The company continues to provide lifetime free service, if you need to replace spare parts, only charge cost.

7. Establish user files and improve product quality

In addition to carrying out customer technical consulting service, the company maintenance center is also responsible for receiving and collecting customer complaints and consulting information to ensure that the questions and requests raised by users can be dealt with in a timely manner. And to track and verify the handling situation. At the same time to establish user records of the use of products to provide the basis for future product quality improvement. We will continue to strive to improve. To provide customers with the most satisfactory products and services.

8. Spare parts reserve and mode of supply

Our company reserves all kinds of equipment fittings for a long time, can choose express delivery, china railway express, air transportation, road distribution and so on according to the request of the user. The emergency spare parts can be transported to the user's scene within 24 hours

9. Technology upgrade service

Our company provides the software upgrade version free of charge to the user. When we need to change the PLC program or the computer program due to the special requirements of the user and the process change, we are responsible for the change and will not charge for the software. 

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Leave A Message

    If you are interested in our products and want to know more details,please leave a message here,we will reply you as soon as we can.

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