Advantages of abrasive finishing machine

  • 2023-04-13 11:31:07

1, realizes the automatic grinding, polishing and cleaning of the weld, completely liberates the artificial —— in the processing program, intelligent software system, hardware system, can fully realize the automatic grinding and polishing of the weld, without manual assistance.

2, ultra high flexible, highly flexible, greatly improve the weld grinding efficiency —— can replace at least 10 workers, and can be 24 hours continuously without intermittent high-speed work, without interference from any external factors. Good grinding and polishing stability, high product consistency.

3, processing program support offline programming, suitable for a variety of products weld polishing, a machine with —— processing program support offline programming, new products of weld grinding, offline can start processing program, and this process without stop, reduce the idling time of the robot, keep the work consistency, greatly improve the processing efficiency.

4. Strong stability and long service life —— The key parts of the robot body are imported from abroad, which can fully ensure the operation stability of the robot and ensure its service life. After sales, the company will support the provision of spare parts, consumables, high price of polishing tools, to protect the normal use of the robot.

5. Good system integration and linkage —— can communicate with other welding and coating equipment, achieve seamless link, form an intelligent production line, improve efficiency and save cost.

6, can polish and polish all kinds of materials —— stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, steel, magnesium aluminum alloy and so on can be efficiently polished and polished, can fully meet the fuselage, car body, hull weld grinding and polishing needs.

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