What is the future of machine tool workers?

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"Industry 4.0", "intelligent manufacturing", "5D intellectual valley"...Behind the terms is the new normal of manufacturing: intelligent manufacturing will become mainstream and robots will flood into factories.As the foundation of manufacturing industry, the machine tool industry gradually began to adapt to this new normal.This is a good thing, the efficiency of the enterprise is high, the cost is low, the workers also from the heavy, exhausted frontline work to release.However, the other fact that we cannot ignore is that the intelligence goes online, the robot comes, what does the original machine operator do?

Machine tool is not the first in front of the industry robot substitution shock, before they have a speech: robots or take 2030 years ago the world's 2030 people to work, including accounting, bank staff as a high-risk profession.In the face of future machine tool "man-machine collaboration" production line and "unmanned chemical plant", the factory detractor is imperative, in this case the machine tool worker's future exactly how?It may be possible to peer into dongguan's manufacturing events.

Dongguan used to be one of the most labour-intensive regions, with a concentration of large and small manufacturing enterprises.But as the manufacturing industry escalates, business has changed: even in small factories, automated production equipment is used.This creates a phenomenon where workers are unemployed.Statistics show that these unemployed workers have been retrained, and most of them have gone to other labor-intensive enterprises or transferred jobs.And the express and the ride-hailing are the most popular choice for these returnees.

The new economy leads to unemployment, but it also creates more jobs.Just as the intelligent manufacturing industry has been laid off by ordinary assembly-line workers, the "online" model has created new jobs such as ride-hailing and logistics distribution.Behind the unemployment is employment, "no work" is not a problem, leaving the post to start again is the biggest test for many people.It's not easy for workers. Is it really easy to change people through robots?Under the new model, what problems will enterprises face?

Although robots have replaced a large number of front-line workers, companies are becoming more vulnerable."On the one hand, job cuts, on the one hand, recruitment" has become the enterprise's new dilemma.Behind this problem lies the reality of the shortage of high-end technology talents."Robots take the place of people, but there is no one to operate them," says one corporate executive. "there are so few people who can adapt to intelligent manufacturing."Judging from the recruitment of the latest technology graduates, it seems to confirm this.A higher vocational college graduates are "snapped up" by the enterprise after graduation. Among them, CNC and mold majors are the most sought-after, with monthly salaries of over 5,000 graduates.Whether it is the "lack of people" or the "good jobs" of vocational colleges, both seem to point to the reality that robots are replacing people, not people, but low-end workers.

Whether willing or not, with the development of the economy, the "iron rice bowl" really does not exist.Whether it is a machine tool worker, or any other profession, it is faced with a choice: either to adapt to the self-promotion of the profession, or to seek another career."Under the avalanche, no snowflake is innocent", and there is no job in the smart wave that can rest easy.In the case of the small editor, now including tencent, the website, all introduced the robot writing;A Japanese novel competition, a robot works in the top three.From this point of view, not only the machine tool worker, the machine tool small work also is in danger.Maybe one day, you will open the machine tool business network, the network across the network is not an editor, but a smart robot.

"Robots are replacing people, not replacing people, but liberating people from a single, repetitive task to engage in something more interesting and creative."This is the expert view of the age of intelligence.People are always the smartest and most creative creatures. Facing the future, both the machine tool people and the machine tools should actively respond.Dear machine tool fans, what do you think of the future career development in the age of intelligence?

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